Saturday, July 6, 2013

How To Be Speedy Fast In The Transition Times Department

So after my most recent races I have noticed I am very quick in the Transition times department. Dependant on how big the transition area is, I can typically get out in under 2 minutes, sometimes 1 for T1 and under 1 minute for T2.

So after this realization and people asking me how do I do it, I thought I would give some tips.

Siesta Key Beach Sprint Triathlon

Sarasota, FL
June 29th, 2013
Sprint Distance
1/4 Mile Swim, 12.4 Mile Bike, 3.1 Mile Run
Finish Time: 1:15:04
Overall: 3rd

What a day and what a race! I did not expect to do as well as I did, given the oceans were stirring up a storm. The race took place on Siesta Key and consisted of a duathlon, sprint, and Olympic triathlon. I raced the sprint distance and I am very happy I did as those who were swimming in the Olympic distance, had the currents going against them and a lot of people were dropping out. Multirace put on the event and overall I thought they did a great job, but it would be nicer if they had paid the permits to block off traffic. The run took place on the beach on packed sand thank god. However the first part of it I was going against the wind, so when I made the turn I picked up the pace mainly because it was easier and the wind was going with me.